In the daily job routines, the developers are mainly focusing on gathering, implementing and testing the functional requirements so much needed by the business. However, there is a lot more to it, than the functionality, to make it a successfull production solution. One important aspect is the authentication side of the story.

Cloudless sky of our Milkyway

In this article we’ll do a hands-on exercise on securing a simple Kubernetes application using a well known open source project, based on OAuth2 standard, namely oauth2-proxy.

  • First we will install a k8s cluster on the local machine and configure it’s ingress controller,

I am an Application Architect at IBM, working on building a platform to accelerate continuous delivery with quality, ensuring a modern flexible way to enable DevOps and support an agile culture.

Complexity as scale

For the past year, due to the need of distributed transaction monitoring and root cause analysis in a complex distributed micro-service environment, we introduced Jaeger framework to help us tackle the problem. Since our platform is being used by multiple tenants, we had to take a decision on how we would implement the multi-tenancy Jaeger with Elasticsearch as backend.

This is a practical exercise on how to setup Jaeger…

Moraru Costel

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